Almost half-way.

Into the fifth month of the Roy x Cone jeans wearing contest.

Just washed it for the 3rd time a couple weeks back – a lighter shade of indigo overall, and the whiskering on the left side (given the RHT nature of the denim) is really coming to life.

The above picture is probably not the best demonstration, but I will do another full update in July and hopefully showcase the fading a bit better than low-light fit pics allow.

The wear on the inside & outside of the hem is also quite apparent now, and I am almost ready to cuff them again.

The denim has softened up quite a bit – definitely more so than the Cone STF on the regular Roy jeans.

Given the more relaxed cut, too, the fading process is shaping up to be just that little bit smudgier than my old Roy’s (not that they faded much before I sold them to a fellow contestant anyway.)

All in all, a great denim – having a subtle, interesting texture whilst being extremely comfortable – comparable to some of the higher-order Japanese denim I’ve had the privilege to handle and wear.

The craftsmanship, as the dudes and dudette on SuperFuture’s contest thread can attest to, is truly outstanding – from the thick shell-stitching to the ingeniously constructed back-cinch, every detail is solid and executed with great skill 🙂

A little side-note regarding the Stow boots – I think I’ve modded the leather and mid-sole/edges enough to my liking now.

Time to give them some good honest wear, and some shoe-tree friends!


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