My old Datejust has a new friend!

This was my grandfather’s first non-Japanese watch.

He acquired it at some point during the 1970s.

Since I’ve taken owndership of this this Datejust, it has been sent back to Rolex for renovations twice – quite a few of the internal mechanisms have been replaced by new parts.

Had the Jubilee bracelet replaced with a Italian bark-tanned deer leather in light tan.

I’ll be playing around with the leather, planning to do some texturing and/or dye work.

You can see the red sediments on the grain, and the porous deer grain definition – heritage of it’s bark-tannage.

Haven’t really decided what it’ll look like yet…
Dye in black, navy or cordovan/dark cherry?

Texture with ridge patterning?

Burnish to a lustrous, deep brown?

It’ll be a challenge to make the leather match the watch, both in terms of colour and texture!

Brain-storm time.


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