Quick pics…Studio D’Artisan phone holder

More country town photos coming up in a couple of days, but in the mean time here’s some leather eye-candy.

This Studio D’Artisan phone holder is one of the slowest evolving light-tan/natural coloured leather I’ve played around with.

Many months of use now, yet the grain and colour development has been fairly slow.

The plus side is that the leather and stitching are tough – the lower portion of the body has been scraped numerous times against walls, chairs and other furniture, but I can’t see any scuffs at all.

The ingenious one-piece pattern makes it strong, functional and very light on the belt.

However, I can’t really see this leather evolving as superbly as that on my old Red Moon phone holder…then again, maybe it just needs a bit more time (and me more patience :P)


By the way, it seems like Red Moon has undergone a management change!?

(Folks who are more in touch with the Japanese leather scene please correct me…)

I know it has been a bit slow for them in the past couple of years, and nowadays I no longer buy Red Moon (the value for money and the diffusion lines didn’t sit well with me), but RM will always hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s hoping RM’s new direction will work out for them!


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