MFSC, Trousers, Denim, Utility, sc47163

I’ve always admired the Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane products, and have quietly looked on from the side-lines.

The details are amazing, the fabric selection & construct superb – yet I still reckon it’ll take a much more coordinated man than me to make them look right.

Their older models of jeans & trousers especially; even after browsing SuperFuture (until the Californians & Riders were released), I have to honestly say there weren’t many fits that I found inspiring.


But this popped up yesterday – SuFu member sweapea:

(I’ll let the pics do the talking…)


The sc47183 denim utility trousers paired with cigar shell cordovan Alden Indy boots (fitted with new-old Cat’s Paw).


^ Now that’s a fantastic Indy boot!


We all need to start buying our ladies some MF!!!

(And I really need to pick-up my WAYWT game :P)


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