Roy x Cone contest contestant listing update.

Couple of switches in the Roy x Cone contest lately.

aho now replaced by not too tight.

ranonranonarat now replaced by ADH92.

No more representation in Asia  😦

Speaking of missing contestants (updated version):
1      dr. house                       Germany
2      Dr_Heech                        England
3      Entertainment                   USA
4      Joseph Hill                     USA
5      Zissou                          USA
6      eltopo                          USA
7      Fardin                          Austria
8      Riff                            Canada
9      Sansome1877                     USA
10     rnrswitch                       USA
11     almostnice                      Germany
12     Paul T                          England
13     Roy6                            USA
14     shortylong                      USA
15     Dkatz                           Uganda/USA
16     Erk                             USA
17     Cash                            USA
18     Pomata                          Italy
19     Fre$co                          England
20     tg76                            New Zealand
21     TheClerk                        England
22     Medine                          USA
23     not too tight                   USA
24     robbie                          USA
25     ThisSunday                      USA
26     DocBlue                         France
27     ADH92                           USA
28     Farhad                          USA
29     Lostinthesupermarket            Ireland
30     mikecch                         Australia


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