Half year update: Angelos Leather Crafts no. 2 medium wallet

Chris at Angelos Leather Crafts recently shot me an e-mail regarding their French shell cordovan, and this reminded me that I’d yet do a proper pictorial update in 3 months!

So here it is, Angelos’ no. 2 cattlehide wallet, in weak afternoon sunlight to accentuate the wear marks & indigo stains:

Here it is again, in not so direct lighting – a better representation of the overall colour tone and sheen on the grain:

The leather has a good shine on it just from monthly conditioning and sweat.

The emu oil I’ve been feeding it has also imparted a slight pull-up effect.

The wax linen threading are going strong, though I may re-wax them in a month or two.

The grain has really opened up after these months of almost daily wear – I see it getting darker and shinier with age.

The edges are testament to Chris’ superb burnishing – almost half a year later, it is still as smooth and well-aligned as it was the day I received it.

His attention to detail and devotion in creating a precise, considered product is no less than the most famous Japanese workshops!

I strongly recommend Angelos’ crafts – made with pride & care in Taiwan.

Keep an eye out on their blog too – some interesting stuff coming out soon!


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