More walking…

Nice & cold in Melbourne these couple of days – quite excellent for walking!

This was once Melbourne’s tallest building – I forget the details.

Melbourne’s biggest watch.

Free herbs at the community garden!

Candy store – I bought some Jelly Belly’s:


It’s Coconut House!

BBQ chicken with chicken rice:

Mince pork ban mee:

The exclusive Cone denim for the Roy x Cone contest:

Zoomed out:


6 thoughts on “More walking…

  1. Hey, indigoshrimp. Saw your post on superfuture about Aoi having a sale on Somet jeans, I dropped by Aoi and asked if they have any, and they said no 😦

      1. Thanks anyway 🙂 Any idea where I can buy Momotaro/Imperial jeans in Melbourne? I’ve been reading your post on beginners guide to Japanese selvedge denim. Also one of your posts talks about using starching powder, how do you apply the powder on the jeans? Do you just buy from Coles/Woolworths?

        ps. Nice pictures of Melbourne, never knew there was a garden in Melbourne Central.

      2. Sorry mate, at this stage you will have to buy Momo’s overseas. Not sure about Imperial, the Victorian stockist hasn’t had them for a year or two, and I’m not sure who is currently stocking them.
        Yep, the starch is available from the supermarket.

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