Tricker’s TLC with Saphir cream polish

Gave my Tricker’s Stow boots a quick matte polish with Saphir’s Medaille D’or cream polish.

Saphir’s cream has an excellent make-up (beeswax, shea butter, neatsfoot oil, carnauba wax, turpentine, etc), and has the highest pigment content out of all the commercial polishes I’ve used.

The vegetable tanned calf leather that Tricker’s uses is very responsive and takes a good shine.

As with all polishes, Saphir’s polish does alter the texture of the leather a little bit, but doesn’t dry out and make coarse the leather like cheaper polishes do.

Saphir has changed the size of the large cream polish bottle though, from 100 mL to 75 mL.

Big thanks to the nice folks at A Fine Pair of Shoes for the Saphir products 🙂

Just in case you need a reminder:

Very happy with Saphir’s cream polish, an exact fit for my want of a gentle, matte shine.

It doesn’t replace the need for a purpose made leather conditioner – it does not nourish the leather anywhere close to what a proper leather food can do – but for polishing and re-colouring footwear leather, there’s nothing like it!


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