Unlucky bags

My U.S. Post reproduction bag and CXL tote bag by Mr. Scott Willis:

The front flap of the post bag seems to get more red in colour by the day, and has achieved a very nice pull-up effect.

Fantastic pieces which have served me well!

Now, I need to get thinking about a back-pack 🙂


6 thoughts on “Unlucky bags

  1. The color of that bag looks great! How much did you end up paying Mr. Scott Willis for such nice goods?

      1. What is Scott’s email? I’ve never gone through a process like this; I’m curious as to how one goes about creating a bag from scratch and how you pick the various materials. Do you send him links of bags similar to what you would like? How do you pick the kind of leather/color you would like for each piece without seeing them first in person?

        Thanks in advance for you help! Your leather always looks great.


      2. You can contact Scott here: http://dontmournorganize.com/contact
        To go through the process, simply contact the craftsman and take it from there – everyone has their own preferred process.
        You may ask for existing designs to be repro’ed or draw up your own sketches, and most craftsmen have their own product styles.
        In regards to the leather, once you’ve handled enough and know about the different types & tannages in general, it’s easy to pick the leather, but I guess initially it’s best to stick to craftsman’s suggestions; asking for pictures would be a good idea too.
        Colour is kinda subjective though, so go with whatever you like!

  2. Mike,
    Could you share the dimensions for both bags? Any particular reference of it’s all in Scott’s hand?

    1. Hi Robin, Scott has all the details, so it’s probably best to contact him…let me know if you can’t get them from him, I’ll measure them when I return home tomorrow!

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