US Post mail bag update

It’s been almost one year since I started using my U.S. Post mail bag made by Scott Willis.

Of course, credit has to go to faith & Angelos for coming up with the reproduction which my reproduction was based on.

A simple bag, but a classic – it’s a shame that we don’t see more variations of it nowadays.

This mail bag has been altered from the faith x Angelos design in that, apart from the obvious two-tone configuration, the copper burr rivets are heftier and the various straps used on the bag are horsehide instead of cattlehide.

^ The front flap leather, although starting life as a fairly raw vegetable tanned leather, this 8 oz Wickett & Craig leather has evolved with oils & sunlight to have a dark brick, waxy appearance with a very strong pull-up effect.

Really, really beautiful leather, and has aged very well.

The body of the bag is a thinner (4 oz) vegetable tanned leather also from W&C, with very strong grain growth…check out those pores!

^ The various straps are made with vegetable tanned horsehide, and has that distinct horsehide grain texture.

The horsehide components have aged rather quickly due to the exceptional reactivity, and in on the untouched edges you can see a bit of oil bloom.

The mail bag is definitely a very functional design, but I’ve got a couple of design update ideas for version 2…perhaps even an U.S. Post style mail pack-back?


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