New work boots?

Looking for another pair of black boots for work, to alternate with my modified Tricker’s Grasmere.

These caught my eye:

Certainly the English pair looks to be a finer make, but they all look fantastic!


4 thoughts on “New work boots?

  1. Hi mike, Is the third one white’s SD? Also, what’s the first one? is that the english make one? it looks really good, rugged yet elegance

    1. Hey dude! The third one is Viberg’s service boot, kinda similar to the SD, but a wee bit chunkier.
      Second one is also Viberg…I don’t necessarily like the rough-out + grain combo, but the wing-tip toe cap is pretty interesting.
      First pic is from a series of new models that Alfred Sargent is releasing after the companies recent ‘remodelling’.

      1. Hey again mike! thanks for the response. I agree that the viberg wing tip is an interesting combination, but not something I’d wear tho, the wing tip cap toe on a rugged work boots is kinda weird for me. I really like the viberg service boots, but sadly uni student life doesn’t let me to put down $700+ for a pair of boots 😦 so I guess, I’m just gonna wait for the epaulet thorogood HH boots, now to choose between black and brown…

      2. Yeah, I agree. A standard Viberg Service boot with Chromexcel is something like $600 and above, depending on which channels you go through.
        I’ll be getting the brown horsehide Thorogoods next month…will probably wait a year or two before I drop the money on Viberg’s Service boots, probably with a brogue toe and Horween bullhide.

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