Viberg 66 hiker boots in rough-out bullhide

Finished the first layer of dubbing on my Viberg 66 rough-out hiker yesterday, here are some pics…

Viberg makes some of the nicest boots (and the most expensive) I’ve seen!

They’ve been making quality boots for Canadian loggers for around 80 years now, and 3 generations of Vibergs later, they still carefully hand-craft each pair in their factory of less than 20 workers in Victoria, Canada.

But as of these few years more than 50% of their sales come from dudes like me in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and parts of Europe.

Now Viberg can add 1 more pair in Australia!

Was tossing up between them and Paraboot, but Superdenim had an offer I couldn’t refuse.

This particular pair has a one piece design extending to the backstay, done in 6.5 to 7.5 oz rough-out bull leather.

I’ve left the back-stay alone for a little bit of contrast.

The details on these are delicious, and the construct is solid – even with the Vibram 2021 sole, these boots are still hefty beasts.

The tongue construct is quite ingenious, rendering the front virtually waterproof, and is backed with a thinner cow leather for comfort.

The stitch done is done impeccably – neat, tight and well spaced 🙂

I also appreciate the thick leather mid-sole that other makers often leave out.

The antique D-rings and speed-hooks are sturdy, and add that little bit of ruggedness to the boots.

These hikers also feature 200 g Thinsulate thermal insulation, and a generously padded insole.

Very happy with Viberg’s efforts on these boots 🙂

The tremendous quality on these 66 hikers are really tempting me to try a pair of their Service boots…

…and today, I wore them out on their first rainy day, and I gotta tell you:

Nothing is more wind-proof /water-proof/dirt-proof/scratch-proof than a dubbed pair of rough-out hiker boots!!!

(Well, other than plastic Wellington boots :P)

And now to try them out in nature!


5 thoughts on “Viberg 66 hiker boots in rough-out bullhide

      1. sorry guess I mean how wide apart the eyes are. looks kinda funky to me! I dunno… no sour grapes intended.

        Always love checkin your blog!

      2. Ahh, I see – I thought you had an alternate way of lacing hikers.
        Yeah, it is very different from casual/dress boots and takes a bit of getting use to, but most of the traditional hikers I’ve seen from Paraboot to Danner are all constructed similarly, so I don’t think we have much of a choice.

        Thanks for your honesty though!

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