Earl Canteen!

Got some knee-bagging that won’t go away 😛

Earl Canteen, really nice take-away lunches – little bit of duck & pork:

And a squashed little salted-caramel macaroon:


4 thoughts on “Earl Canteen!

  1. nice whiskers there, cross your legs to get those? i used to get it on my old levi’s, one my bro passed down to me, i noticed i can’t get pronounced whiskers if its too tight around my thighs. hope my flatheads and RK turns out like yours, maybe i should go back to leg crossing haha

    1. Haha, yeah, childhood habit! Cross my legs a lot during my spare time in front of the computer or TV 😛
      The extra room in the thighs help too!
      My progress is slow compared to the other Roy x Cone contestants though, as I can’t wear them during working hours…

      1. if only you could see how slow my progress is on my good society(first pair,2.5 years old) some whiskers and all but no combs, gotta starch em more i guess, combs are pretty hard for me, and the humidity here in singapore makes me think twice when i wanna wear my flatheads, my kmw is also doing great some slight combs but i guess maybe a year more and i can expect a crotch blowout

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