Blackacre – custom hand-made wallet – part II

Here’s the Blackacre wallet from the previous post in various shades of natural light, after a little rubbing of home made conditioner.

The CXL horse is a real beauty:

The leather shines intensely in the sunlight, and the varying tone in different lighting makes the true colour difficult to capture.

Well, I guess there is no true colour to speak of…like natural indigo dye, it all depends on the light.

It has to be held and seen by the eye to be fully appreciated, such is the shifting nature of re-tanned leathers from Horween.

The CXL horse can have a darker blood-red tone in indoor lighting, whilst appearing to be on fire in direct Australian sunlight!

Really liking the contrast red stitching with the black inner.

The inner matte leather also creates an interesting juxtaposition with the shiny out-shell…I’ll explain this a little more in the next post.

A big thanks to Ray & the rest of the crew at Blackacre for this wonderful piece of craft !

Have a look on Superfuture or their Facebook page to check out their other fascinating pieces.


6 thoughts on “Blackacre – custom hand-made wallet – part II

    1. Yes sir it does.
      More re: the folding in the next post.
      Ray’s concept is similar to Kawatako’s long wallets – let the customer do the folder. IMO there are several advantages to it, hopefully I’ll make clear in due time.

      1. I have seen one or two Kawatako items on self edge, it looks like quality stuff. This blackacre also looks pretty awesome. How do you obtain your items?

        Did you see my comment about the terry dear q belt and the fuller horse hair brush?

        thanks for your blog

  1. Hi Mike: How does this compare to Angelo’s No. 2 wallets? I’m interested in purchasing my first craftsman wallet, and really like the look of both of these!

    1. Hi Jeremy! As I mentioned per PM, it’s a tough question.

      I think the construct on both are superb; judging by the hand-crafting alone, both Angelos & Blackacre stand up to the best of Japanese crafting, IMO.
      Both have fantastic burnishing, very precise stitching both in spacing & depth, etc.

      The difference lies in design & materials.
      Design wise, both are functional – though Blackacre’s wallet has been, for me, slightly easier to use due to the generous card & compartment spacing.
      Design & aesthetics are matters of personal taste though.

      In terms of materials, Angelos offers a cattlehide skirting/saddle or French shell cordovan from Suer.
      Blackacre uses Horween or Wickett & Craig leathers, on the other hand, and are more to my personal liking – not to mention all the colours & materials were completely custom spec’d for me.

      I would strongly recommend you contact both Angelos & Blackacre, and find out the pricing as well as how much their customisation would suit your needs.
      Ultimately, you need to find someone who is willing to work with you to build a wallet to your personal liking.
      But I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either.

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