Roy x Cone + Herbal Tea

A very talented friend of mine passed along some of her home grown herbal tea mix – chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and perhaps others which escape me…


Of course, nothing creates whiskers like some cross-legged tea drinking:



4 thoughts on “Roy x Cone + Herbal Tea

  1. Wow, i didnt thought it was sitting down cross legged haha sick wing streaks of whiskers, i starched my good society denim, feeling proud haha, some on the whiskers, more for the combs.
    How is the wallet coming along? Well here where i am, i tend to perspire alot and the humid weather does not help, 2 of my wallets got some rash like bumps on the surface. Happened to my first ‘genuine’ leather wallet as well as my current horsehide, you have any tips for prevention? Any suggestions on critter choice? Like is bovine more suited to handle than horse?


    1. Hey Andre, I’m all whiskers and no combs 😛
      Regarding the ‘bumps’ on the leather, can you link to some pics?

      Humidty & heat together isn’t a great combo for more unfinished leathers, but deformity shouldn’t be a regular occurance.
      I think the perspiration may be the factor here… but my first thought is, just like you would with leather boots, to let the leather rest for a day between uses.
      It might sound like a hassle, but try alternating between two different wallets?

      1. Could i mail you instead? Oh, i have a pair of 1k boots in tan, shld i get the Q belt in natural and tan it or should i get the tan version, i did link Terry from revolveclothing but it turns out the color was pretty bright, he did mention his tan was not bright so i think it might match my boots

      2. Sure Andre, you could PM me on any of the forums if you like.
        With the Wolverine Addison boots, the leather texture & colour of the ‘tan’ is very different from the Quercus leather – I don’t think they would ever ‘match’ in the traditional dress shoes + dress belt sense.
        Certainly I know Terry doesn’t dye leather to that bright yellow/golden colour.

        I personally don’t think work boots & a natural veg. tanned belt should match each other – I’d leave that to more formal get-ups.

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