Blackacre – custom hand-made wallet – part III

Finally, the first folding of my Blackacre wallet.

The pull-up of the CXL horse really comes to life at the bend!

I mentioned previously that the inner matte leathers creates an interesting juxtaposition with the shiny out-shell.

The texture, colour & lustre of the inner-shell American bridle and the outer-shell CXL horse is so dramatically different, it is as if they belong on two separate wallets at first glance.

The black coated edges & the red stitching, however, really does pull the two together, and using this wallet doesn’t get boring at all.

Pulling out the wallet from my back-pocket, the burgundy CXL horse butt immediately catches the eye…you don’t notice anything else.

The grain is deep & intriguing.

I could stare at it for hours.

Opening the wallet, the side profile comes into the spot-light:

Yes, it is quite heavy-duty for a wallet – just the way I like it!

The darkness that centres in provides a nice transition into the inner.

Once opened, the black & red in combination with the ‘floating pockets’ construct is simply stunning, evoking an entirely different feeling.

Neither Americana nor Japanese-style crafting, the inside is much darker, more moody and very appealing.

The grain of the CXL horse became more defined after a layer of conditioner and a week or so of use.

The small irregularities are beginning to show, as is the classic horse grain pattern, which initially had been lost in the famous CXL lustre.

Although the leather won’t age as dramatically as a raw vegetable tanned leather would, it will evolve in a more subtle way that is, to me, no less attractive.

It becomes a study in grain development and tonal changes, something slightly more intricate than the basic darkening of colour.

I think the CXL horse is a great choice for people who want a little bit more shine & durability than what raw veg. tanned leathers offer, or need a certain degree of grain evolution which shell cordovan is incapable of achieving due to its grainless nature.

Very happy with my Blackacre wallet – it’s the first time I’ve tried on of Ray’s works, and I’m a fan.

Would definitely recommend having a chat with the guys at Blackacre if you’re looking for a new wallet.

More updates to come in the next weeks and months 🙂


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