Quick pics of sale picks.

Some mid-night photos of Toyo tops I bought from the recent Vari sale – some lighter weight things for Spring & Summer.

No, I’m not going crazy, I’m in the Southern Hemisphere:

Phantom Phlyer (naval carrier) chambray shirt!

Pretty much the same as the “1944 U. S. Navy Spec. 55-S-20E” repro shirt sold by Buzz Rickson’s stockist outside Japan.

But obviously this one was meant for the Japanese market:

A finely made shirt, with nice details.

Double-stitched throughout, chain-stitch reinforced shoulders, selvedged plackets…

Not as intricate or detailed as Freewheeler’s, etc, but at it’s price point there’s nothing to even challenge Buzz Rickson’s shirts.

Nice urea buttons, with the old Bakelite aesthetic:

Nice slubby chambray, I estimate at around 6 oz:

VF-103 squadron nep chambray shirt, featuring the older clover-leaf “slugger” insignia.

Same as the off-white chambray work shirts being sold overseas, but this one is a short-sleeve model.

Again, meant for the Japanese market, as you can no doubt guess:

This nep chambray favourite is done in a nice unbleached colour, with a sprinkling of brown & tan.

The fabric is lighter too, perfect for the upcoming Aussie Summer:

Finally, another Cheswick T – my favourite ‘budget’ brand:

Yeaaahh, more Cat’s Paw action 🙂

No zoomed out pics today, sorry, but trust me in that this tube-construct (i.e. seamless) shirt has good weight and a nice, older style box-fit.

Listen to the Cat, re-sole your shoes & boots.

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned stitch-down or nail-down construct!


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