K87211 & CXL revisited

8 months on and the Cone K87211 denim, custom developed for the Roy x Cone contest, continues to fascinate me.

It’s old school denim, the kind of fabric that the Japanese reproduction masters try to imitate.

The very subtle slubbing, the very 3-D hue of indigo – nothing too crazy, nothing too excessive, it’s homage to the roots of indigo denim.

Although initially we all thought the denim would be a slow-ageing fabric, it turns out we were wrong.

Even on a slow-fader like me, the denim is producing some nice wear.

No ultra-sharp, lighting stikes…certainly not, but the evolution is very natural & gentle, and IMO more appealing.

The Pima cotton in the weft, I too must agree, is a sinful but superb touch.

This pair of Roy x Cone is definitely one of the most comfortable jeans I’ve worn.

Just below the Roy x Cone are further reminders of the workmanship of old.

Alden’s 403 high work “Indy” boots, done in Horween’s vegetable tanned Chromexcel cattle leather.

Re-tanned leathers seems to be all the rage these couple of years.

An impressive feat for a tannage perfected more than a century ago.

Some things are too good to forget, I guess…


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