Brain tanned horse hide revisited

Been doing a little bit of reading lately, mostly concerning the history of leathers and footwear.

That reminded me of a little piece of “antiquity” I carry around with me sometimes – a different kind of horsehide, and I’m guessing the only type left more ‘precious’ than shell cordovan – brain-tanned horse:

Of course, big thanks to Scott Willis who was very generous in sharing this deadstock leather and crafting the pouch!

I’ve previously written up a small post of this hip-pouch here; but it deserves a bit more recognition 🙂

Let’s take a closer look:

I haven’t been able to wear it as much as I would’ve liked, but the evo in the grain is still quite noticeable.

Imagine a carry bag or shoulder sack made out of this brain horse…this is amazing stuff!

The vegetable tanned pig-skin lining is also quite interesting (and durable!) – don’t know why we don’t see more of it around!?

OK, yeah, one more grain close-up:

In indirect light, the colour tone is quite attractive too!

Certainly it’s a bit different from the leathers that are around these days, but until you see/handle/smell this leather in person, it’s hard to appreciate its uniqueness.


If you’re interested, hit Scott up and hope that he has some more of this dead-stock leather left 🙂


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