Work in progress…

Here they are, the old work boots from the previous post.

One layer of conditioner, a quick diluted ethanol wipe down of the vamp, then Saphir cream polish on the vamp…and finally, some new leather laces:

The leather takes a soft shine quite easily, and there’s a certain depth to it that you don’t see on many modern leathers.

It just gives off a very different vibe – in materials, toe-shape & overall construct – especially evident when I hop onto public transport on weekday mornings and one sweep of the eye catches 20 other pair of boring, black ‘formal’ shoes.

Anyway, a little bit more work to do on the leather – stay tuned for more šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Work in progress…

  1. The new laces and polish really make them look sharp. Great work…especially if you picked these up for a song to begin with!

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