Chahin belt from Voyej

Voyej is an Indonesian brand started in 2010 by 5 friends who share a common interest in Japanese denim & leather crafts.

Their speciality is in the hand-crafting of natural vegetable tanned leather.

It is in the evolution of leather that Voyej draws its inspiration – a process of exploration, a journey into the unknown.

The guys behind leather goods brand Voyej have kindly sent me one of their Chahin natural leather belts.

Named after the Chahin tannery in Mexico, from which the leather originated, this belt is a solid piece of leather crafting.

The belt was hand-made in Indonesia by craftsmen of solid heritage, having crafted pieces for many Japanese brands…

…including early pieces for Studio D’Artisan.

Let’s get cracking into the details:

The leather is 13.75 oz  in thickness, a saddle leather that has undergone 1.5 months of vegetable tanning.

It has a softer hand compared to other saddle leather I’ve handled.

The grain is quite even throughout the belt, with that unmistakable pale-peach colour that is characteristic of saddle & skirting leathers from the Americas.

The buckle-fold construct is quite curious, with the tendon stitching in a V-shape.

The roller buckle and keeper is scratch free, which is a always a plus~

The evolution of colour & texture contrasts between the hardware and leather is something that I’ll be watching intently.

Ummm, yeah, that’s the belt size, not my waist size 😛

The tear-drop shape of the pin-holes is a nice feature, and the holes have been punched very cleanly.

The beeswax hand-burnish is very smooth.

Clearly, a lot of time and hand-work has been put into this belt.

My personal preference is that a belt must have a smoothly burnished edge or an entirely raw, clean-cut edge – anything in between isn’t much good.

In case the last photo didn’t make clear, on this belt, it’s slippery smooth~

Since you’re reading my blog, you ain’t getting away without seeing a leather close-up, hahaha.

A moderate grain growth which has a whole lot of evolving to do!

To be honest, I initially had some reservations about owning another natural veg. tanned belt which isn’t made to my own specifications.

Folks who’ve been reading my blog for a while probably know that I try to explore the possibilities & boundaries when it comes to a natural leather belt.

My frustration is that many brands seem to be riding the ‘Americana leather’ trend, pushing out lots of ‘artisan-made’ natural veg. tanned belts without much consideration into what makes a genuinely good belt.

Too many roughly burnished edges, rushed construct & mystery hides…and nowadays I’m cautious of trying new makers……

But this Voyej belt did not disappoint me at all – the craftsman’s time & effort is very much evident upon inspection, the crafting is considered and quite concise.

The fit is spot on too, centre hole!

I really like how the belt wears and the front-on profile…the centre portion especially, sits very comfortably with my jeans.

…but more on that and other user comments next week!

Big thanks to the guys at Voyej, especially fellow SuFu member Lucaas, for sharing this fantastic belt with me 🙂

More thoughts & updates to come as I give this belt some TLC with my home-made conditioner and, of course, some honest wear!

Meanwhile, check out Voyej’s website here.


5 thoughts on “Chahin belt from Voyej

  1. BIG Thanks goes to you, Mike!
    Always like your photography when it comes to leather. 🙂

    Really curious about how it will turn out with your own treatment.


      1. Yes Mike,
        my friends are happy with your review. All credits goes to you.

        Anyway, tomorrow they are going to go to our production site. Sadly, I cannot go with them. One of our agenda is to make video regarding production process. Well, I hope it will turn out just like we wanted to be. I’ll let you know.

        Have a good day!


  2. Very cool!
    I have been on the fence about getting the belt, this might toppled me to the “to buy” side. 🙂

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