FQH cases

Here’s another commission from  Scott at Don’t Mourn, Organize!

First up, a pencil/carry case made from a light tan Horween front quarter horse leather:

The outshell is front quarter horse, the inner lined with vegetable tanned pigskin – made into a one-piece construct of my own design.

I wanted something minimalistic but sturdy – and Scott came through with some very nice new-old stock vintage snap buttons from the US military.

The golden/light tan colour is very interesting, and reminds me a little of my brain-tanned horsehide pouch.

The intensity of the colour changes quite markedly on exposure to the sun.

This front quarter horse leather Scott has used is somewhat different from the standard front quarter horse you’d find on jackets.

This particular piece having a softer hand and a more defined pore structure on the grain, without the strong pull-up effect that FQH jackets are known for.

Let’s get a bit closer:

The growth is very intense – a bit freaky in macro-mode, but the texture makes the case infinitely more interesting.

It really makes me curious in regards to the different ways Horween processes its FQH leathers.

A glasses case was also made from the same hide…let’s zoom out a little:

A couple of nice touches – the aim was to reduce the amount of hardware necessary for a solid construct:

Tied with natural vegetable tanned kangaroo:

The inside of this glasses case is lined with natural front quarter horse.

The colour varies from an light orange/peach to pale flesh depending on the light:

Certainly there is an interesting contrast with the gold/light tan FQH.

Check out Scott’s awesome hand-stitch:

The FQH is so soft and supple, whilst not too oily – a perfect leather for a glasses case.

By the way, Scott’s website is fully functional now.

Have a look at Don’t Mourn, Organize! for more of Scott’s work and details of leathers available for custom work!



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