Shell Cordovan Card Case

A big thanks goes out to Scott of Don’t Mourn, Organize! for this lovely present!

Horween’s shell cordovan in whiskey, backed with vegetable tanned pig-skin, hand-stitched into a very cool card case šŸ™‚

This shell cordovan is a very beautiful piece of leather, standing out from the crowd with its grain-less surface and high oil content.

The colour and shine changes dramatically with lighting angle / intensity.

Modern shell cordovan has a soft temper, and is immediately quite comfortable to use – no wonder Wolverine become famous pioneering shell cordovan work footwear!

The surface, though, scratches more easily than other leathers, but also buffs away to an even colour & texture like no other leather can.

The backside of the shell cordovan is very smooth, and has a structured, grain-like surface.

I’m still a little confused regarding the tissue type that shell cordovan is produced from…

(Edit: it is indeed a dermal leather from the butt cut, but treated so that the corium side has that old-school wax-calf appearance…shell cordovan is in fact a type of rough-out!)

The pig-skin ain’t bad either – IMO a very under-rated and under-used leather.

The grain is tough, and it ages well.


Scott’s stitch work is very neat as always:

Into the sunlight~

Finally, closer up – I hope these photos illustrate my point of the shift in colour tone!

Shell cordovan is a fantastic leather, and Horween’s version – although a bit on the expensive end as far as ‘common’ mammalian leathers go – is certainly worth the expense if you’re after a smooth, soft handle and an unmatched shine!

It’s a real shame that shell cordovan, and other horsehides in general, is not produced as much these days~

If you’re lusting for some shell, Scott does have a few colours available, but it goes without saying that stock is limited šŸ˜›


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