Voyej belt at 1 week~

A bit more than one week’s effective wear – the belt from the folks at Voyej is coming along nicely.

Overall I’m quite impressed with the belt – it may not be the thickest or rarest of vegetable tanned leathers, but this Chahin leather is supple & dense, and makes for a fine everyday belt.

Every aspect, from the burnishing to the pin holes, has been worked very cleanly.

The roller buckle set-up is user-friendly, although the pin is a tad sharp due to its flatness.

The leather is just beginning to darken, and the characteristic orange-peach colour of modern mixed vegetable tanning is becoming more vibrant!

The colour is lovely, and the grain is quite pronounced for a skirting leather.

The leather is also on the ‘wetter’ side of a raw vegetable tan, a bit more oily, and thus the belt is easy to use & moulding quite well.

As a good edge burnish does, it only gets smoother 🙂

Plenty more evolving to do on this belt, but so far so good.

I must commend the guys at Voyej for the time & effort they’ve invested in this belt – indeed a job well done 🙂


P.S. How do you like the fluffy blue background? Or should I go back to using a plain/twill weave fabric ?


4 thoughts on “Voyej belt at 1 week~

  1. That is a nice belt indeed. What I like the most is actually a small hardware detail. That keeper is quite good looking and it looks solid.

    Especially compared to the likes of Tanner (not because I regard Tanner highly) for instance, who use a very flimsy one.

    1. I do agree mate!
      I reckon the burnish and cutting on this belt also compares quite favourably to other more well-known companies.

      What’s the special Horween leather on the key wallet you made for your friend btw?
      I’m still waiting on your story 😉

  2. Nice update, Mike.

    Thank you for your 1 week journey. (We called the term of evolution leather as “journey”).

    Do you by any chance have any plan on applying some of your home-made oil to the belt?

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