Blackacre wallet at 1 month

It’s been one month since I started using this Blackacre mid-length wallet, and it’s time for a picture update 🙂

OK, less ranting, more wallet q0rn:

As you can see, the wallet has moulded quite well.

The leather has also stretched out from its initial, unfolded state evident from the creasing at the bend when the wallet is opened flat.

The horsehide grain has really popped out too, and it’s natural shine undiminished.

I am officially a fan of CXL horse butt!

Would kill for a pair of service boots in this leather~ (haha, I know, dream on)

Some lovely wear & tear beginning to show:

All the details that really completes a leather wallet is beginning to develop!

Another example, the stitch imprint on the inner shell:

The grain changes on the different leather types (re-tanned horsehide, vegetable tanned pig skin, drum-stuffed vegetable tanned cattlehide)

Or the darkening of the leather were the stitches bite in:

Really impressed with Ray’s crafting on this wallet!

Definitely keep Blackacre in mind when you need a new wallet.


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