I have other pants?

Ever since the start of the Roy x Cone contest, I guess my blog has become more of a leather blog than denim blog, even though I still bleed indigo.

My denim rack is a constant reminder that there’s more wearing to do after the contest finishes – new home, new location:

Had to sell a few pairs in the past year or so, but there’s still a couple of decades of denim wearing on that rack 😛

And a little note from earlier on…


4 thoughts on “I have other pants?

    1. n00b? Hardly! You have to most spot on fits that I can only dream of!!!

      Good to see you come around the denim world a little more – very curious as to what you’ve been up to!?

  1. haha Thanks mate, I hope my fits do actually looks good..Im back to the denim and clothing world a little but more now after my addiction have shifted towards watches..lol going damn broke for that stuff compared to clothings..I am now helping my family in our business of setting up some Boutique Hotels and also a Driving Institute..:-) hence its hard to wear denim in this corporate world..but I do love my leather goods and denims. :-)..I do miss Melbourne dearly..it will always be my home.

    1. Would love to see some of your new watches on your blog 🙂
      All the best with your new adventures, and I hope you do find some time for your denim and leathers!

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