R.M. Williams camel leather boots revisited

Another pair of boots that I love to throw on – my R.M. Williams MTO comfort craftsman boots, in camel leather.

They’re so easy to wear; it’s not just the comfort of the whole-cut, and not just the ease of pulling them on & off, but also the fact that camel leather is, very simply, one of the most amazing leathers I’ve come across!

Camel leather wears hard, very hard.

Harder than cattlehide, harder than horsehide…the grain is as sturdy as that on an elephant hide, but the leather very soft and supple.

Many times, as we do, I would knock these boots on something rigid and expecting, at the very least, a scratch on the leather…

Amazingly, every time, the leather is just fine.

Kinda mind boggling how the grain is so durable, but the leather is so buttery soft!?!?

Seriously, for me, camel leather negates the need for Scottish zug, pebble grains, alpine leather, etc; camel has a fantastic, natural grain and handles abrasions & moisture very well.

It also hold a light shine very easily, and to date I haven’t needed to polish them at all.

The creases are setting in gently:

Might as well show off the hem progress 😉

Of course, the grain close-up!

I wasn’t kidding – not a single cut or scratch at all.

Hopefully I’ll get a lace-up pair done in camel next year, though I do think it would look rather amazing on an engineer boot too.


7 thoughts on “R.M. Williams camel leather boots revisited

  1. I am interested in getting a pair for RM Williams Rigger Boot Black made in camel leather. Could you please advise me of the retailer you purchased your pair of Comfort Craftsman MTO camel.

    Thanks & regards,


  2. hi, long time lurker of this blog heh, its thanks to you that i got a terry dear quecerus belt quite a while back.
    i have moved over to sydney and am thinking of getting a pair of rm william slip on boots to combat the coming winter, yours seem interesting and i was wondering if you can comment on these vs the alden indys for an everything boot? would it work better than the indys in partially formal occasions such as when i need to wear a sportcoat? i am on a pretty tight budget and these are my first pair of boots. i am also thinking of getting kangaroo leather, if you have some sort of comparison between the 2, it would be superb. a hint on the pricing would be wonderful if possible, Thanks.

    i wanted to email you but i sadly i dont see any email button, so i have to post here

    1. Hi there! I reckon R.M. William’s sharper toe-shapes and Alden Indys would work equally well as an everyday boot, though their flavours are very different it’s difficult to compare (one being a modern version of the British paddock boot, the other an incarnation of the early 20th century American high work shoe.)
      The pointy toed R.M. William’s would probably be a better bet for formal occasions. The Indy’s, though sleek, still has a flatter work boot toe-shape.
      Kangaroo leather and camel leather would both be a step above the various cattlehides that Alden uses, and I myself would argue that for durability, camel leather exceeds horsehide and shell cordovan. Pricing will depend on whether you get the MTO done through R.M. Williams or one of their affiliate shops – I would guess $300 to $400 – best to pop in store and check out the different leather options and toe shapes.

  3. I thought RMW only makes Camel leather in black colour. Their catalogue shoes the camel leather only in black colour.How did you manage to get this shade of brown made? Thanks for your help. Best regards.

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