Gold Bond service shoe – first round of cleaning

So the first half of the cleaning & reviving process is complete πŸ™‚

The leather is a lot more lively now that dust & grit have been removed, surface coatings wiped away with ethanol and most of the discolouration has been smoothed out with a little dye.

The lustre of the grain has returned, but haven’t yet fixed the patchy fogginess that is still somewhat evident if you look hard enough.

That’s the second half of the refurbishing I guess.

Other than that, the leather is pretty much set to go!

Took these service shoes on a trial run today (a 7 hour work day.)

Absolutely no aches in my feet at all, which is quite remarkable, and a sharp contrast to the breaking in of the 1950’s work boot that I posted up last month.

I feel that the overall design and build of this boot, in terms of functionality, surpasses many of the modern “work-inspired” dress boots that I have.

Really liking the toe-shape as well – a spot on match for my feet.

The neoprene soles, too, couldn’t be faulted with great traction & impact absorption. Makes for good care-free stomping πŸ™‚

^ Bonus indoor pic…I cheated a little with some Saphir…doing things in the wrong order here, but I couldn’t resist πŸ˜›

Hint: I got these in US size 10, whereas I’m usually a size 9, because I had no choice. The fit turned out perfect

So if you ever come across some Gold Bond service shoes, remember toΒ size 1 up!!!


2 thoughts on “Gold Bond service shoe – first round of cleaning

    1. Not this time, the “fading” wasn’t severe enough to warrant a proper re-dye.
      The Saphir MDO creme was more than enough for any faded spots πŸ™‚

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