Rise & shine~

To round off a crazy week of boots, boots, boots… early morning with my 1970’s Georgia Giant sports boot – shine courtesy of Saphir πŸ™‚

Only a very thin layer of Saphir’s medaille d’or creme 1925 polish mixed with water, but I reckon the shine is more than enough for an outdoors boot!

Can’t recommend Saphir’s polishes enough – would love to see some Australian shops stock their products.


4 thoughts on “Rise & shine~

  1. Hey Mike

    I just found out that TOJ now makes vegetable tanned leather jackets and i wanted to see if you already ordered one πŸ™‚
    What do you think about the idea of a veg tan jacket? I personally love veg tan, but im not sure if it will work with a jacket….


    1. Hey Reto,
      No I haven’t – the guy who runs TOJ and I don’t get along particularly well.
      With vegetable tanned jackets, I think it could work if you spend the time to condition and proof the leather.
      I think a re-tanned leather or something like a chromium-tanned front quarter horse would probably be easier to care for.
      That being the case, I would like to get a veg. tanned horse jacket from Himel at some stage – it’s just hard to justify a heavy leather jacket in Australia πŸ˜›

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