Blackacre CXL horsehide wallet – almost two months

Almost two months in, the Horween CXL horsehide on my Blackacre wallet is moulding nicely.

I haven’t oiled or conditioned it much since the first week, but the leather has been getting softer and ever more lustrous.

The tonal variation still fascinates me, and the most intense colour comes at an obtuse angle.

At almost 180 degrees, the shine leaves nothing to want – you can see the reflection of my fingers and the surround on the leather!

No polish whatsoever has been applied… good leather + good conditioner + bum sweat = magic

The American bridle ain’t doing much changing, but this is good for the inner.

The leather has been very resilient, and minimal care is needed πŸ™‚

The grain definition has no doubt developed very well.

Some high friction areas are beginning to darken somewhat.



2 thoughts on “Blackacre CXL horsehide wallet – almost two months

  1. second that obtuse angle. got to tilt it to enjoy its rich color! and for the shine picture, i see a bum shape moulding! nice grain going on there. any idea the weight of the bridle by estimation? nice nicking on that last pic, reminds me of my belt!

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