Tricker’s mahogany shell cordovan Stow boots

In preparation for the Horse Leather Footwear Contest, here’s another Tricker’s factory shop pick-up.

Tricker’s Stow boots in Horween’s “mahogany” shell cordovan, full natural Barbour welting, double mid-sole with red studded Dainite outsole, red calf lining, and some funky pull-tabs.

More details closer to the contest commencement date, here’s a quick preview:

As the sunlight hits – the burgundy undertone really pops out!

I’m suspecting this leather will become lighter in colour tone as it ages, closer to what we see on the right toe-box below:

I haven’t conditioned, polished or even brushed this pair yet – except for the welt staining removal (I shall explain in a moment), I will leave them untouched until the contest starts.

Red Dainite, yum!

The Stows came with these round waxed-cotton laces too.

Which to use?

By the way, these were very heavily discounted due to staining of the welting at the toe of both boots – 95% of which I removed with my fingernails and an eraser, haha.

This was done with some urgency, as I didn’t want the staining to set in too deep.


Now it’s just noticeable on the left boot, but I can’t be bothered removing any more of it…

Anyway, will be putting these away until 2012.


10 thoughts on “Tricker’s mahogany shell cordovan Stow boots

      1. Thanks! They’re really nice boots. I need to find some replacement clinical footwear; my current pairs are wearing out badly, and I’ve had one resoled already…

      2. Mmm, small problem though – Tricker’s 4497 last in standard ‘5’ width (used on models like Stow, Malton, etc) is wide across the toe box and somwhat short in height (narrow instep), a curiosity in terms of English last shapes. The ‘6’ width of the 4497 on boots like the Grasmere, etc is even wider, and the 4444 last that is common on their shoes even slightly wider still than the 4497. Tricker’s boots and shoes are distinguished from other English brands for being wider and heavier too…a bit more “country”, haha, good for feet on the wider side.

        May I suggest other English brands like Alfred Sargent or Crockett & Jones?
        Their last shapes are sleeker than Tricker’s, and would probably fit you better ๐Ÿ™‚
        A few online stores I’d recommend for Pommie shoes include The Shoe Healer, A Fine Pair of Shoes, and PediWear.
        These places also have the more budget, but still British made, brands like Grenson, Barker, Laoke, etc.

      3. Thanks for the advice. Having an A foot is a problem; Size 11UK but only 3.7″ wide means that they don’t really make shoes like this for me… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The narrow ones are Es…

        I still manage to occasionally find off the rack shoes that fit… I’ll keep looking around for a good shoemaker that uses a good narrow last.

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