Coin pouch – almost retired

Here’s my little oldie, made out of light brown sueded elephant hide and kangaroo skin lacing.

As you can see, it’s no longer a light brown πŸ˜›

The leather darkened very dramatically when I dubbed it, and came out a dark brown.

Wasn’t too happy with the colour, so after some months I decided to dye it black.

Held up very well so far, considering it’s been sat on constantly – other than the obvious moulding and softening of the leathers, there’s little wear & tear πŸ™‚

Some very interesting texturing has developed, and no one I’ve come across has ever successfully identified the leather, haha.

I will be retiring it after the Roy x Cone denim contest ends though…

It’s time I tried some other interesting leathers, and to be honest, I would not use sueded elephant hide again.

What should I replace it with?


4 thoughts on “Coin pouch – almost retired

  1. Hmmm… Something not close to extinction, perhaps πŸ™‚

    I say camel, shell cordovan or Stingray. Or camel, shell cordovan AND stingray. Maybe throw in some sturgeon to add some ultra-rarity to the mix.

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