November update – Roy x Cone contest jeans – Part I

I know this update is a couple of months late, and there’s just around 2 months left in the competition.

It’s the longest stretch I’ve committed to one pair of jeans, and the results are quite nice considering I can’t wear denim to work.

Here it is:

No where as beat up as some of the other contestants’, but this is a faithful representation of my after-hours & weekend denim warrior lifestyle.

Rather fast wearing fabric I have to say, contrary to initial expectations.

About 8 washes so far.

The breaking process has only just begun, and I reckon it’ll be another 12 months, at this rate, before truly nice wear & tear develop.

The whiskering on the upper thighs are breaking through nicely, and closer to the knees they’re very defined already.

The indigo still has that interesting gray cast that it started off with under certain lighting conditions.

Outside in the sunlight, however, the above photo best represents the true colour.

Sharpest whiskers πŸ™‚

Part II of this update will come in a couple of days; I’ll have some interesting close-ups to show…


4 thoughts on “November update – Roy x Cone contest jeans – Part I

      1. Appreciating the way you sit haha, I’m doing the same, time to embrace! I usually sit with my legs out but some new habits are nice to pick up. A bit of here and there, some mementos from my family and gf and I’m ready to rock my F380s next week! Did a double overnight soak already.
        I’m not afraid of shrinking now, miracles of the handy dandy clothes hanger! First one broke but I got a spare! Thanks Mike for nudging me to soak my denim!

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