November update – Roy x Cone contest jeans – Part II

Second part of the update!

Let’s get a bit closer…

Yep, that’s from my coin pouch – the fading outline the features of the pouch quite nicely.

The kangaroo lacing is eating through the fabric slowly but surely:

Another leather related fade – belt loop abrasion around 5 mm below the bar-tackings, evidencing my habit of wearing thick leather belts:

More preference for frequent washing is beginning to see some results too – for example, wrinkling along the waist band:

Or the train-tracking along the out-seam:

And the strongly ridged hem – impossible if the denim isn’t washed frequently:

The cinch-back is holding true, and where the denim has been hidden you can see glimpses of the original texture & colour of the fabric.

It’s been a while since I had a close look at the hardware – looking not too bad at all 😉

The duck pockets are coming along nicely – their evolution has somewhat exceeded my expectations.

It would be fantastic to have a pair of pants made in this duck fabric!

Roy’s shell-stitching still as good as new 🙂

Thick and sturdy, my initial fears of them unravelling have been proven wrong.

Guess what? More to come!

Update part III coming soon~



2 thoughts on “November update – Roy x Cone contest jeans – Part II

  1. nice roping along the hem! do you remember how many washes so far? and what kind of settings do you use during the wash?
    cheers mate!

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