November update – Roy x Cone contest jeans – Part III

The final bit of the November RoyxCone updates~

Some more interesting close-ups, let’s focus on the hardware first:

Copper burr rivets which I’ve hammered flat to prevent scratching furniture and bedding, but which incidentally have allowed for some nice oxidation 🙂

The government black donut buttons deserve a mention too.

The top button slowly fading away from the rim:

The backside of the buttons are showing more wear, starting from the bottom (least worn):

And up:

And finally to the top:

Back to the fabric itself – let’s have a look at seams and edges:

More leather related changes – staining from my leather belts:

Finally, the impending crotch rip 😛

So there~

Hopefully these November update posts gave you a look at these fantastic jeans from a slightly different & closer point of view than the photos from other contestants on Superfuture.

Denim is a special fabric, and its evolution is a remarkable process to witness even if it does take patience to achieve – this contest has certainly changed my opinion regarding Cone’s fabrics, and further informed my denim scheduling and wearing habits.

I’ll get some proper “laid-out on the ground” type photos done when it comes judging time, but for now, it’s back to honest pants-wearing.


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