An unlucky horsehide wallet update

Vegetable tanned horsehide wallet, featuring genuine mule deer tendon hand-stitch, by Scott Willis at Don’t Mourn, Organize!

5 months wear now, without too much care, by my brother.



The colour is really coming along and the grain now has a nice, light shine to it.

The shine is best appreciated at a slight angle which I failed to capture, but the photos below perhaps gives us a small glimpse…

I really love this natural veg. tanned horsehide – it has so much character, the grain is very responsive and wears beautifully – not too much more I can ask for in a natural veg. tan.

Close-ups of some wear ‘n tear:

The grain did feel somewhat dry though, as it’s been around 4 months since it was last conditioned.

So, with a bit of Scott’s own leather conditioner, I gave the horsehide a light feed:

The grain is a little bit duller now after the feeding, but it will no doubt pick up a nice shine again after a day or two.

The colour is so rich, with a strong hint of amber and remarkable depth.

And finally, family portrait time – next to my Blackacre wallet by Ray Lansburg, which was made with a re-tanned horsehide:

No matter the tannage, horsehide is just pure awesome!


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