A piece of hairy camel

Here’s something a little different from fellow Roy x Cone contestant dkatz!

It’s a piece of camel leather scrap from a workshop in India.

I’ve trimmed the hide, stretched it and had some oils worked in…

Posted Image

It has a similar appearance to buffalo leather at first glance.

The oils has darkened the leather a little, and the grain responds like a veg. tanned leather would.

Zooming in a little, this leather has the characteristic 3 hair follicle arrangement in a straight line, but there’re no wool follicles.

The lack of wool follicles tones the texture down a little.
Posted Image

It was a scrap piece, as there was some hair still remaining on the hide in certain areas – but a clean piece of hide would make a fantastic leather for small & large carry goods!

No idea what I’ll do with it at this stage…

Perhaps replacement leather patches on my denims? There may be just enough leather for a small coin pouch though.

I wonder what they were making at that leather workshop in India.



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