The Equus belt project – an early invitation

To follow-up on my previous blog post, I would like to invite readers of Indigoshimp to sign up to my latest group buy project with Equus Leather, makers of fine English leather crafts.

This is an early invitation before I announce this group buy on the various forums, as belt numbers will be very limited and I wouldn’t want my fellow leather and denim hobbyists to miss out πŸ™‚

The details and specifications of the project belt hasn’t been finalised yet, but at this stage I envisage that this belt will be 1.5 inch in width, hand-stitched with a double-prong solid brass buckle, made with English oak-bark tanned bridle butt (at least 6mm) from Baker’s tannery in Colyton, UK.

Like this:

Baker's bridle butt


If you are interested in this project, please leave a comment below (fill out your e-mail address as prompted by WordPress), send me a PM on either Style Forum or Superfuture, or e-mail me directly.


14 thoughts on “The Equus belt project – an early invitation

    1. Hi Mick,
      The strap width hasn’t been finalised yet, though 1.5″ is the minimum.
      The only concern with increasing the width is that the tip portion may end up too thick for most belt loops – we’ll have to wait until the leather thickness is confirmed to make the final call.

      1. Thanks for the reply. For the moment I am interested, but conditional on the price and the finished design

      2. Hi Mick,
        As always there’s no obligation to buy if you sign up for the newsletter.
        I will say that, regardless of price, the value of my group-buys will be hard to beat – whatever the price comes out to be, rest assured it has been discounted for our project.

  1. Hey,

    I’m very interested! I’m in need of a new one and this looks like it’s shaping up to be just what I’ve been looking for.

    Oh and I really enjoy your blog, it’s a pleasure to read


  2. Hey I’m a young follower of your blog but I have to say you’ve made a lasting impression on me sir; and to think I thought I had all angles covered! I’d love to get involved. Thanks so much. Wasim

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