Blackacre wallet at 4 months.

It’s been 4 months since this Blackacre wallet first slipped into the back-pocket of my jeans.

Here’s it is, a couple of days ago after it’s monthly clean:

A big thank you goes out to Ray Lansburg at Blackacre for his remarkably craftsmanship on this wallet.

As you can see, the Chromexcel horse butt leather has moulded very well whilst retaining that soft, natural shine.

The grain is very resilient, yet it does not have the plastic-like appearance or the rubbery texture that usually comes part & parcel with tough-as-nails leather.

As with all finely crafted goods, I continue to discover more aspects of this wallet months after I began using it.

Other than the smart choice of leathers, I think that there are a couple more reasons why the shape of the wallet has developed so pleasingly.

One is that the wallet was made flat, and only bent in the middle after the merging of the out- and inner-shells have been complete.

Also, the “floating platform” design on the inner balances very well, without significant protrusion or recession at any particular point, and hence the outshell does not have the ugly bumpiness that is seen on some thicker wallets.

A worthy contender to the Japanese workshops that made popular the thick Americana wallets!



4 thoughts on “Blackacre wallet at 4 months.

      1. Yep. I have a shell cordovan wallet (which looks similar to the blackacre), I am just wondering about your process of cleaning up the indigo stain…


      2. To be honest I’ve had next to no indigo staining with this wallet, as my Roy x Cone jeans was already 6 months old when I first started using the Blackacre wallet.
        The leather itself, being a re-tanned CXL, is also more resistant to staining than most vegetable tanned leathers.

        To clean indigo you could simply wipe with water if the stain is only recent, or use a good quality leather cleaner/saddle soap if the dye has sunk in deeper.

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