Left Field NYC duck chino contest on Superfuture!

Yep, another contest for me this year – one that involves wearing pants, much like the Roy x Cone contest of 2011.

Just like the Roy x Cone contest, the fabric this time is another special one from Cone’s White Oak plant.

It’s a chino, it’s made of indigo duck canvas, and it’s from Left Field NYC – the one-man op of Christian McCann.

Welcome to Superfuture’s first chino wearing contest!

Cotton duck is a sturdy plain weave fabric, long favoured where hard wear & durability were required, found on anything from heavy duty work shirts to ship sails.

Our particular fabric is made at Cone’s famous White Oak plant – 12 oz (#7), indigo warp & weft dyed in the darkest indigo bath that Cone has ever done.

Word from Cone is that the dyeing of the weft yarns was particularly tricky, and they will not be doing a true indigo dye for the weft yarns in the future.

Deadstock fabric then? Fantastic!

Left Field is known for it’s chino, and now I know why.

The details and materials are superb, the manufacturing done by hand in the USA – the garment has a life to it.

At first glance the White Oak indigo duck, of course, is the main character.

Whilst stiff and a little trying in the Summer heat at the moment, it’s not overly heavy (if you’re used to super heavy weight denim) and will softened and mould with time.

Right up against the sunlight, you can see that the weave is not entirely opaque:

Unlike the dozens of chinos out there, this pair is not an empty shell at all.

These duck chinos tells its story very well in the small details…

Corozo buttons, made from Phytelephas nut, feature on the wonderfully constructed button fly.

Each aspect is considered and well made, take the coin pocket:

Or the belt loop (a 15 oz leather belt ain’t no problem here):

Vintage style detailing, including a double chain-stitched waist band:

The Japanese chambray that forms the pocket linings feature an even weave – very soft and comfortable from the get go:

The construct is very solid, and I don’t see why these can’t be put to genuine hard work.

Reinforced at all points of stress!

The best thing is, the combination of indigo duck and a work pants fit & aesthetic makes this pair very versatile.

While I’m primarily using this pair for hospital work, there’s no reason why I can’t wear these on a Saturday, or say, with a pair of shell cordovan boots ๐Ÿ˜‰

All in all, a fantastic product from Left Field!

I very much look forward to seeing how the other indigo and black pairs in the contest will age throughout this year.

If this cotton duck is anything like the White Oak duck that feature as the pocket lining of my Roy x Cone jeans, then it is sure to crock and crease very strongly!

Can’t recommend it enough, and for all the Aussies reading this, you can check out Left Field’s chinos at the various Prime stores right here in Victoria.


5 thoughts on “Left Field NYC duck chino contest on Superfuture!

  1. Ugh, of course you got these cool pants. I was thinking about the buying them as well, as I think it can really become an interesting pair of pants with wear.

    But I was slightly put off by the leg width, that appears too wide and the rise, which seems too short.

    What do you think about this? Am I wrong?

    1. Hi Simon! The rise is OK actually, I would say mid rise, quite acceptable even to repro purists. Leg width is fine for me as a work pant… it’s not fashionably slim, but straight legged.

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