Roy x Cone…the closing of a pants wearing contest, part II

It really is quite amazing, in retrospect, how much the K87211 denim has changed.

From this:

To this:

Posted Image

Posted Image

There was the White Oak cotton duck too…
Posted Image

The evo on the cotton duck is not as distinct, but interesting in it’s own way.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The black on the hardware is just beginning to peel away – perhaps another year or two until we see proper hardware evo?

I won’t cover the rivets in this post, but if you look through the past Roy posts on this blog you’ll see plenty of copper close-ups.
Posted Image

My favourite, of course, is the hem roping!

These jeans were double-cuffed half the time, so the wear & tear is not too severe just yet.
Posted Image

The roping and ridging won’t happen if you only wash your jeans once or twice a year!
Posted Image
Family portrait with the my new White Oak fabric for 2012 – the indigo cotton duck:

Posted Image

My thoughts regarding this Roy x Cone collaboration?

The “Roy” part is easy – the construct is rock solid, the design isย genius, and rarely have a seen a pair of jeans with as much story behind it.

If you own any Roy Denim products, you’ll know what I mean.

Every detail was perfectly planned and executed – in all honesty I couldn’t ask for more in a pair of pants!

As a customer of Roy’s before he shifted retail duties to Self Edge, I was very happy to be able to buy directly from him again too.

The Cone Mills part?

My first impression of the fabric in it’s loomstate form was “vintage-inspired”…indeed, the warp aspect is based on a 1930s recipe.

Subtle slubbing, giving the denim a 3-D texture that gives the impression of a slow & gentle weaving process..

The grey tone of the indigo was quite curious, but soon gave way to a sky blue hue as the fabric aged.

The Pima ELS cotton in the weft yarns made the denim very comfortable to wear and lent it an increased durability, though this did decrease the denim’s creasing capabilities compared to the denim on my generation 1 Roy Denim jeans which were also from White Oak, and unsanforised. Not quite as crispy…

Contrary to initial expectations, this K87211 denim faded quite readily.

All this combined gave the denim an unique character – even for a slub-lover like me, this K87211 denim is something special.

Whilst in the end I am still a proponent of Japanese denim, I now must concede that Cone is quite capable of producing hobbyist grade denim.

American denim is still relevant for die-hard indigo geeks.

Indeed, I’ve even signed up to another contest this year which features a White Oak fabric!

… these Roy x Cone jeans aren’t done yet though… I reckon another 12 months or so before the rate of noticeable change will plateau.

That means I’ll still be wearing them from time to time in the next few years ๐Ÿ™‚


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