Shell everywhere…

…even the coffee house.

Given that shell cordovan started new life as a work shoe leather but evolved to become an American high-end footwear icon, there’s really no right or wrong way to wear it if you know its story.

Tricker’s Stow:

Posted Image

Posted Image


5 thoughts on “Shell everywhere…

  1. Hey Mike,
    That Cordo Stow looks really good!
    Is that bag also a piece by Unlucky? I am looking for a daypack and was wondering where I could get a quality leather product without outrageous price.

    1. Hey Sig,

      Yes, that back-pack was commissioned from Scott as well – I’ll do a post about it next week sometime.

      Quality leather without outrageous price? Most likely you’ll have to go custom of some sort.


  2. This is not a troll, but a friendly jab at you.

    Gloria Jeans? Was it because jeans are cool? Their coffee is not! I have a feeling you live in Melbourne, so may i suggest Manchester Press (cbd), Proud Mary (collingwood), Campos or 7 Seeds (carlton), Auction Rooms (North Melbourne).

    Seems just a little weird that you appreciate such quality in clothing and accessories, but you aren’t drinking the quality!

  3. You’ll find those venues have some fantastic teas, both single origin and blended classics!

    Just like a lot of denim and leather fans, specialty coffee and teas and good friends 🙂

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