Tricker’s shell cordovan Stows at 80 days!

It’s been almost 3 months since the horsehide footwear contest began, and I reckon my shell cordovan Stow boots from Tricker’s is beginning to pick up a little bit of wear.

I have to say, at this stage, I haven’t worn these boots long enough to make do an informed review just yet.

Shell cordovan is quite hardy after all, and these boots are breaking in more slowly than my other Tricker’s pairs.

I will share some photos though, perhaps giving you an idea of the initial evo. of a pair of shell shoes.

At the park:

This pair has not been polished since new – a coat of leather feed is all.

The creasing profile and the overall aesthetic is remarkably different from non-waxy leathers, including the calf leather that is Tricker’s mainstay.

My opinion regarding shell cordovan footwear?

Can’t really tell you yet, but do check back in a couple of months 🙂



4 thoughts on “Tricker’s shell cordovan Stows at 80 days!

  1. They look very nice, have you worn the boots in wet weather? I was told the Cordovan would bubble and were not suited to wet (English) weather.

    1. My pair does bubble somewhat when exposed to light rain, but after a soaking it’s not so much of an issue.
      For English weather, printed grain cattlehide (e.g. zug, scotch grain, etc) is probably the best option.

      1. I was to treat myself to a pair, the issue is that the only time I wear nice boots is in a pub. Beer gets spilt all over; wouldn’t want to spol them.

  2. Have ordered some MTO from The Shoe Healer; (Green cordovan, Cotto toe, heel and tongue with natural finish welt and leather sole and brass heel counter, (segs). Look out Doncaster, England; (when I’ve paid them off!)

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