Following up on the bridle horse leather coin pouch…

by indigoshrimp

Here it is, after a couple of months of daily use.

The shine on the bridle finish on the horsehide is now deeper and more lustrous.

The grain is beginning to pop out – becoming more defined and giving the another layer of complexity to the overall texture of the leather.

Really quite different from regular (cattlehide) bridle leathers.

It’s somewhat minimalist in construct (it was my intention for it to be so), but Scott’s work is holding up beautifully.

There is some imprinting of the outline of coins at the backside, though for a single-leather construct I must say this bridle horse is immensely durable:

The NOS black snap buttons are beginning to show wear as well…

Wearing in a rather graceful way – none of the nasty chipped-paint appearance that often occurs on cheap snaps.

Really can’t wait to see how this pouch will turn out in a few months time – both the leather & hardware are showing so much potential!

I have to say, this bridle horsehide from Clayton is one of the best leathers I’ve come across, regardless of tannage.

Drop Scott a line at Don’t Mourn, Organize! to see for yourself:)