The Military belt – 1 month update

You might remember the belt project that I recently rolled out with Charlie at Equus Leather – the Military belt.

I’ve been wearing my strap of belt with denim for the past month now, and I must say, the belt has served me tremendously well.

The leather is strong & hard-wearing – especially considering its unfinished nature – whilst evolving with a beauty that is unmatched by mix veg. / concentration tannage produced leathers.

It really is one handsome beast!

The grain of the leather, with its deep growth and rustic texture, has come out of the initial “awkward” phase that all natural vegetable tanned leathers must go through…the colour is no longer a pale nor fleshy, but has taken on a light, golden tan that contrasts so well with the indigo in denim.

The solid brass buckle too, is beginning to show its true colours.

If you look closely at the buckle in the photos of this post, you’ll see that the top rim (which is in contact with denim & clothing) has begun to loose its polished finish.

Along with that, the process of tarnishing is slowly creeping in too.

In the next months & years, the buckle will change and age as the leather does – a synergy of “evolution” that I talked about in previous posts on this blog.

Charlie’s stitching is holding up remarkably well – no signs of wear on the front at all, and only traces of indigo staining on the knots at the backside – iron proof of masterful saddle stitching.

The hardware has left its imprint, an accelerated process of oxidation – which is usually a dark brown colour on English oak bark leathers.

The unfinished fibres has picked up some indigo…

The unburnished edge is beginning to darken ever so slightly, and there’s no fraying in the fibres at all!

All in all, very impressed by the first month of wear, and I hope the participants of this project are similarly satisfied with their belts 🙂

Of course, more updates to come for the Military belt.

This leather will only keep getting better!


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