Spotlight: enlightened0ne’s leather goods!

by indigoshrimp

Friend and fellow medico enlightened0ne has recently joined our fascinating hobby – here are some of his daily leathers.

First up is this modified US postal mailbag, made by Scott at Don’t Mourn, Organize!:

I was quite impressed with the overall design, and certainly the more modern “briefcase” style construct of this messenger bag makes it more friendly for academic/office use.

The leather for the body/flap is a heavy natural vegetable tanned leather from Wickett & Craig.

The straps are natural vegetable tanned horsehide from Horween.

He also brought along a couple of belts, the leathers of which you’d probably recognise.

There’s the Triple C harness leather on this double-pronged belt, also made by Scott:

Worn almost daily for 3-4 month in both Japan & Australia – the grain has darkened very nicely but the subtle shine of harness leather is still there.

The definition of the grain has also increased dramatically as the tannery finish on the grain slowly wears off, revealing the true nature of the leather.

Best seen in black & white.

Finally, a monster of a belt – the Military belt from the project with Charlie at Equus Leather!

This is one of the finalised project belts, not the prototypes previously shown on this blog.

A couple of differing points.

To start with, the pins are wider in diametre:

Also, the russet bridle leather from Baker’s tannery is thicker – measuring over 6 mm!!!

At this density and thickness, I would classify this leather as armour grade:)

A good day meeting up with a fellow enthusiast!

I wish there were more leather & denim-heads in Melbourne.