Lofgren Engineer’s boots

by indigoshrimp

Long time no post…sorry about the absence. Apart from working through ideas for the future of this blog, I’m also in the process of moving & renovating.

To kick off a series of new posts, here is something special from the good folks at Speedway. Denim-heads and boot fans amongst us heard whispers about Lofgren’s up-coming line of footwear (indeed, the blue suede shoes are already available), but seeing is better than gossip when it comes to engineer boots:

(photos courtesy Speedway)

The Lofgren engineer’s boots in an EMS parcel at the front of your door sometime in the middle of this year:)

According to John, this is the finalised version.

Some folks may have seen earlier prototypes – the finalised specifications differ in a few ways, including:

1) Extra stack on the sole

2) Double stitching around top of shaft

3) Hand stitched shaft seam

4) Double stitching on both vamp straps

5) Changed to D width

Looks bloody amazing, don’t it?

I’m thinking this will be my first pair of Engineer’s.

It won’t be available to ship for a small while, but  for more details in the mean time, pop by to Speedway.