Imperial – Shearers’

New batch of jeans for round 2. First up is a pair of Imperial Brand Clothing jeans!

Folks who’ve been in the hobby for a while would have heard about this Australian brand from way back. Self Edge has been a consistent stockist, and they do pop up here & there in more trendy shops here in Australia.

Anyway, the last time I checked them out was 2012…when they were still making their jeans in Australia. To be very honest, as far as first impressions go,  I didn’t fancy them all that much. Although a local product to me, the construction (i.e. stitchwork, hardware, neatness, etc) felt lacking to me at that time (2012).

I decided to take another look more recently as I’ve heard they have moved production to Okayama, Japan.

What a difference it has made! Not only are they well made, but now also a value proposition if you were to purchase them in Australia!

The cut is one of an aggressive taper. Fairly roomy in the top block, good movement in the thighs, much slimmer from the knee down. The legs are slim but not tight, with enough room for some cuffing.

The fabric is 14.25 oz sanforised and has a very nice hand. This denim is on the softer side, with some loom-chatter and irregularity. A comfortable hand with a nice bit of character. The indigo is rather dark.

The back pocket wings live on!

$2 ?

I think I overpaid 😛

The patch is AWESOME! What a nice ram~

Decently thick natural vegetable tanned leather. One of my favorite jeans patches so far.

All the details that should have been there, now implemented!

The defining factor in my decision to make purchase? It’s the details. They should have been there…and now they are!

Raised belt loops.

Hidden rivets.

Custom copper hardware.

Impeccable colored stitching in different thread sizes.

Bar tacking and other reinforcements.

Chain-stitched hems.

Everything neatly put together!

Finally a pair of Australian jeans that’s denim nerd standard, even if they are made in Japan…

I would highly recommend beginner and intermediate denim enthusiasts to take another closer look at Imperial’s denim offerings. The modern styling and the upgraded construction makes these jeans a quirkier alternative to the the growing leagues of Western brands and makers.

Many thanks to the good people at Half Sleeve in Sydney, who stock the full range of Imperials.


Sunny Sports french terry sweat. White’s Boots classic dress boots.

3 thoughts on “Imperial – Shearers’

  1. Any chance you can post an update of how these look now? I have been thinking about trying to get a pair as it seems they finally released some again, and I have not been able to find any in my size on the secondary markets. I would be interested in seeing how the newer, MIJ ones fade. It seems everything else online is from the MIA days.

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