Angelos mid wallet update

This middle wallet is five years old now…made by Chris at Angelos Leathercrafts.

Nowadays I don’t use it all the time – I usually only carry it while breaking in new denim, during the first few days when the indigo stains everything.

Here are some photos after some cleaning and conditioning.

Chris did a fantastic job with this one – vegetable tanned natural cattlehide from an Italian tannery, waxed linen threads saddle-stitched, with the accent innershell dyed black by me.

I did post a very brief review and updates back in 2011. Unfortunately due to image hosting issues those earlier photos are now lost.

The photos below were taken one month since the clean up, after the wallet has sat in a few new jeans. The second photo really shows the patina coming through.

It is true, IMO, that veg tanned leather goods only become completed works after a few years of use. This wallet is now more beautiful than it ever had been 🙂 It still has a few good years before it becomes dark brown.

After all this time, the edge burnish and the linen stitches are still holding up well!

This shows the importance of a good hand burnish and saddle stitching.

I know a whole bunch of readers also ordered wallets from Chris that year – if you guys have photos of what they look like now, I’ll be very interested – if you like, please send them to me indigoshrimp [at]



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