Japan Blue JB0626 “Godzilla” – 1 month update

It’s been a month since these Japan Blue Indigoman JB0626 Godzilla jeans arrived from Okayama Denim. All up, about 2 weeks of solid wear on this pair.

Before wearing, I washed this pair briefly in the washing machine & dried on low heat (about 40°C) in the dryer. Even though the denim is sanforised – the shrinkage & leg twist have been minimal – I wanted to get rid of the starch so that the fabric would reveal more of itself. I then re-starched the area behind the knees.

The above method seems somewhat against raw denim wisdom, but let’s re-visit that topic another day perhaps.

After a month, I have a few more thoughts regarding this Godzilla jeans.

Firstly, the fit. I must say that Japan Blue’s high-tapered cut is my current favourite fit.

I am 185 cm tall, with fuller thighs – this high-tapered, or Lifter’s, cut suits me very well. It allows fairly unrestricted movement in the top block, good comfort, and a slimming silhouette.

However, with Japan Blue’s tapered cuts, the taper is aggressive. This means stacking instead of cuffing. You wouldn’t be able to wear engineer’s boots or high work-boots with this cut, although shorter boots or heavier, American-style shoes would still look fine.

Alright, so the fit is good (for me anyway), let’s examine the denim some more.

This 18 oz denim does take more time to settle in compared with others, but the indigo is fading very quickly. Once settled in, the initial fuzziness goes away rather quickly, leaving a somewhat slippery and slightly bumpy surface.

On closer examination of the fabric, I noticed that the warp has quite a bit of loom chatter, but isn’t really slubby at all. The light brown coloured weft is where the slubbing occurs, and the slubs are both frequent and large. This results in areas where the warp is densely packed, creating patchy concentrations of blue. Because of how quickly this denim fades, these patches become a lighter, electric shade of blue, and seemingly float on top of the brown background.

This complex surface interacts with sunlight in curious ways, resulting in changing shades of blue and imparts great depth to the denim.

Whiskering, honey-combing and the outline of my coin pouch and wallet are already becoming apparent. This is perhaps the fastest fading denim I’ve come across on a pair of Japanese jeans thus far.

The denim, however, remains relatively rigid. Even after two full weeks of wear, it retains the shape of my legs when dropped onto the ground. The photo above of the denim tunnel was not deliberately set-up – I threw the jeans on the ground, and the shape was maintained!

You can see in the first photo the knee bags are also prominent.

These observations could indicate higher tension in the weave. Remember that I washed these jeans before wear, so other than the back of the knees (where I re-applied starch) there should be little to no starch anywhere else – the rigidity is entirely due to the denim itself.

I really like this denim!

Everybody else seems to like them too. This pair receives far more positive or curious comments from my colleagues compared to the other pairs I’ve recently reviewed.

So far, there are two aspect of these jeans I think could be improved.

The first has already been mentioned in the previous review: Lack of hidden rivets.

I would gladly pay an extra $10 for this pair to come with hidden rivets. They would really complete the package, so to speak…

The next aspect that could be improved is also related to rivets:

The male component of the rivet sticks out too much, and has caused some denting in a couple of my thicker work-belts. Not scratches, as the rivet is smooth enough, but denting nonetheless.

As you can see in the photo above, I’ve hammered some of the rivets flat with a small hammer. This solved the problem nice & easy 🙂


So far so good. Very happy with Japan Blue’s JB0626 jeans, and the value proves exceptional coming directly from Japan. If you’re looking to spend between $100 to $200 on a pair, Japan Blue has my recommendation thus far.

I will continue with this pair until the temperature heats up here in Australia, so another 3 months before putting this pair away for the year.

Hopefully Japan Blue will continue to release interesting fabrics in this high tapered cut.


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